CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited
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Board Committees

Audit Committee

  • Composition
    SNG Sow-mei alias POON Sow Mei (Chairperson)
    CHEONG Ying Chew, Henry
    LAN Hong Tsung, David
    Paul Joseph TIGHE
  • Terms of Reference (PDF)

Remuneration Committee

Nomination Committee

Sustainability Committee

Executive Committee

  • Composition
    LI Tzar Kuoi, Victor (Chairman)
    KAM Hing Lam
    IP Tak Chuen, Edmond
    Andrew John HUNTER
    CHAN Loi Shun
    CHEN Tsien Hua
    CHAN Kee Ham, Ivan
    LUN Pak Lam
    LUK Sai Hong, Victor
    TONG BARNES Wai Che, Wendy
    Duncan Nicholas MACRAE
  • Terms of Reference (PDF)
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